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Caravan Domain are the ultimate caravan resource for your holidays and adventures. We bring you a big range of used and new caravans and endless resources and information to explore Australia and it’s beautiful sights. We are launching on January 2021 and will bring you something very special. If you have any requests on what you would like to see on our website, would like to become a caravan dealer or advertise with us, please use the contact form and chat to our friendly team today.

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Your home on the road! Caravans provide people with the means to have their own home on a trip or holiday, and encourage them to stay in areas where there is no one around. Caravans range from simple models to those comprising many rooms with all the furniture and furnishings and appliances of a home, which may be nothing more than a tent on wheels.

Caravanning has been booming in Australia because of the versatility and utility that caravans and camper trailers can offer on your adventures. Don’t be left out! Get yours today at Caravan Domain!


Campervans are your car and your home all rolled into one cool package! They are mostly vans that have been fitted out, sometimes with a coach-built frame for use as accommodation, often known as Campers. Complete with all the electronics you need, modern campervans can easily come with facilities such as pop-up roofs, portable toilets, and small kitchens. 

Together with the caravan, campervans have become the most popular holiday type in Australia because you can take home with you on your trip. Start your motorized adventure now! We offer only the best here at Caravan Domain!

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Caravan Reviews

Not sure which caravan is the right one for you? Here at Caravan Domain, we have plenty of detailed caravan reviews that are sure to give you all the information you need when choosing a caravan. We can help you get the most out of your caravan purchase by helping you stay up to date with different features of models. If you’re looking for the best opinions when it comes to caravans, you’ve come to the right place!

As the ultimate caravan resource for your holidays and adventures, we’ve got it all here for you!

campervan Reviews

Buying a Campervan is a big investment. Before you go and pick one out, take a look at our bounty of helpful reviews. Technologies have literally advanced all the time over the past few years and are implemented into new camper builds in all kinds of novel ways . This means that there is a lot of cool stuff out there from camper manufacturers who bundle impressive comfort and livability improvements into small spaces. 

We can help you figure out which ones are right for you, with all the tools to help you make your campervan holiday a dream come true! 

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